Thursday, November 11, 2010

McD Drive-thru in Permyjaya Miri

Last Wednesday, 3rd November, McD Drive-thru in Permyjaya Miri had soft opening and it is first drive-thru in Sarawak! ;)
As a McD's lover , I certainly will not miss the chance to come and experience it on the first day opening.
Well, it just like other McD drive-thru as well too, so nothing much differed though. That night was raining, I did not managed to do outdoor photoshoot. Inside the McD , they were too many people and I think awkward to photoshoot with all the people stared on you while having their meal :P
Nevertheless, i just took pictures with my own digicam while my other friends just toying around with their DSLR.

The look of new McD in Miri.
Much more better ( the interior )than in Bintang Plaza but it still crowded and need to wait in long queue. Plus, the location so strategic to Brunei-an and Curtin student. Perhaps the 3rd McD should be opened?

I'm lovin' it! ;D

Looks like I've been ambushed by paparazzi and asked for picture!
Lolz :P

To view more pictures of the new McD, click here!

Parapapapa, I'm lovin' it!*McD's theme song* :P


ikha said...

jeyu!! aku ska mcd drive thru tok...sbb nya dekat dgn rmh aku...gagagaga~~~ :D

XXjenniferXX said...

hahaahha...tau :PPPP argh.jeles cuz dekat.xpa.jnji paxen dkt umah aku juak :PPP