Friday, November 26, 2010

Should i straighten my hair back?0.o

I'm updating my status in Facebook with the profile picture of me straight hair asking should i back to the plain of me and i got a lot feedbacks. Thus, its make me become more undecided whether i should change my hairstyle.HAHA :P
Yeah let time decide it for me as i'm so unpredictable and can change my mind in second.
Still i love my curly locks and i do not want change because i'm scared of any changes. ;/
Anyway these are the photoshoot session with all the curly hair and i'm lovin' it! ;D

Miri beach ;)

Lipbalm please!

Upset vs smiling look :P

Among of my favorite look.
Well, that's the current look of me now.
Like or hate it?;)

p/s : This afternoon i will meet my hairstylist to have one day straightening look.
Will i love it?

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