Friday, September 10, 2010

Milo and Kopi?

This post is not about the famous drinks of Milo or Kopi (Coffee).
It is all about my new two female local dog puppies ;)
I'm happy and i got it for free.

Because the brown fur it has.

Kopi the black :P

They are so damn cute when sleeping.

Milo sleeping on top of me covered by my blanket.
I'm so overreacted when i have these puppies as it almost more than 10 years i don't keep any dogs in my house except cats.
Well, sometimes not all people love animals and it does happened when some of the neighbors trying to kill your pets.
Cats get poured by hot boiled water, make a hole into cat's leg, poison feed and other cruels animal ethic.
If they have a gut to do these kind of acts to animals, they will do the same things to human as well too.
One word,heartless.
Nevertheless, i still want other dogs especially the terrier puppy ;)
Still saving though :P
Owh yeah, today is Raya celebration for the Muslim.
I just wanna wishing every Muslim in this world,

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