Sunday, September 5, 2010

Pets is my wish list now

Hi everyone!
It is a Sunday and here i am enjoying my free day as I've been started working,erk..attachment as it called.
I did enjoyed my working environment as i had chance to handle all types of dog.
I'm loving it ;)
Anyway, i might thinking to get these as my new pets before Christmas, perhaps? :P
Need to started saving some money then.

Innocent look ferret! :P
Too bad it stinks a lot because of the gland their had.
It can be removed as it can reduce the stinky smell, well, at least!
Still, the cute pet it could be.

The tiny hedgehog with spiky fur.

Terrier puppy.
Seriously i wanna keep dog as my pet but it is impossible to do as i live in Malay residential area.
So, i'm thinking to keep small breed dog as i can let it stay in my house rather then keep in outside as it potential to get killed by poison or homemade dart.
I experienced it that before.

Golden retriever!
It is my favorite though every time i'm cleaned their cage.
Once, i'm dog-walking with Bella ( the dog's name), she so big and strong enough to pulled me off instead i'm pulled her.
I had to running together with her.

Daschund dog!
Cute that's all i can say ;D

Favorite all the time, Siberian Husky!
Looked like a wolf.

I'm still thinking which dog breed i should have.
Till then.

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