Thursday, October 22, 2009

"sudah jatuh di timpa tangga..

terpijak taik anjing gik,
n rambut terbakar kerana terjatuh di bara api."

is that enough to tell you all how unlucky me this lately?

Not about the love stuff but some other matter la =P
1st, some conflict with the customer and it is happen for 2nd time.Huh.
Lucky me, i managed to solved the problem and the customer is happy about it.
Okay settled!=)
2nd, another gadget spoilt, again! my hand are very bad on handling gadgets especially if it an expensive! My mp3 earphone ada sot ckit.suda plug in pun still can't hear anything.
sa lom pekak lagi okie!
again, need to spend some money on buying the new earphone.
I think all my money gone by spending on the gadgets things only.
My laptop ( anything laptop parts- graphic card, motherboard, harddisc and etc) every semester, my handphone not even till one year usage and now the mp3?
3rd, this is the most concern problem i need to focused in.
My loving gerbil, mika miko, their eyes, i found there's a blood stain on their eyes area =(
i didn't know how and what caused it is.
Im sorry mika miko for neglecting you.
Im a pet abuser!
4th, i don't have someone closest to talk with how im felt =(
That's the worst part it is.


Hello world =)
My favorite animal.
if you ask me what subspecies it is,
my answer is i don't know cuz i need to look whole body cuz the stripes will tell what kind of the subspecies it is :)
One thing for sure, it is a tigress- female tiger :)
Correct me if im wrong =P

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