Saturday, October 24, 2009

Home Concert 3

Sorry people, i had low bat in my digicam.
A few pictures only.

Date : 23rd Oct 2009
Venue : Eksperimental Teater FSGK, UNIMAS

My comments :
This time the concert are not that really exciting compared to the last Home Concert 2. Still, the concert are successfully organized by the ART STUDENTS.
Congratulations! =)
The concert are not really packed cuz the seat were limited as the ticket will be given to those first come first serve. So, less crowded and hoo haa noise through whole the concert. Boring!
Felt like in a formal and high class concert. Haiz! Last time are better cuz everyone can entered in to watch the concert and plus, it is crowded until even we are sat like a picnic time =P
The music was a truly blast!That's what i called CONCERT! =) One thing i like about concert is the drummer and his drum, and CGA!<--Secret code! Only for those know , then will understand what it is!=P

Damn! i love corbus so much! He is such a talented guy!and he is a drummer!
OMG! Love strucks!=P

i think i should get a drumming lesson to unleash my skills! Wee~~

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