Wednesday, October 21, 2009


i love you less and less~~
ever heard this song?
Im forgot who's song it is but it is really damn nice song.
Suitable and dedicated to someone :)
Recently, im going through rough times,
Negatives vibes revolving around and bad luck all the time.
Who said love can give you a good luck charm?
Well, if you are lucky enough have it.
But mine?
Totally sucks and disappointing.
The misery is felt like living in the hell.
Argh! i need to be in paradise so that i have the fullest happiness in my life.
I miss all the happiness moments that used to be happened.

p.s : FCUK! i dont have any notes to study for the test today.
Sial babi eh.morpheus pun xpake. Here it go again. All bad things happen.
Need to find a new good luck charm :)

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