Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Addicted to Pinky and Cute Stuffs =)

Looks! Mika miko is falling down on my blog~~ Teehee!

ooh i
Graphics everything with PINK!
Either it is baby pink, light pink or even hot pink!
Today in my post, i will posted up Pinky stuffs- even cute stuffs too that really caught my attention!

Pink Acer Aspire One
The latest laptop and it comes in small size.
Available at Boulevard IT in Saberkas Kuching.

Fujifilm FinePixZ300

Fujifilm Finepix z300

4 colors available

Fujifilm Finepix z250fd

Fujifilm Finepix z35 white&pink

I love the shape and the combination color. I saw one ( another type- scroll down to see in other post ) at Saberkas too.

Canon Powershot A1100 IS

Finally, i found my dream digital camera after i'm really dissapointed with the Canon Powershot E1 Pink. When i saw Powershot E1 for the first time, i'm fell in love with it. Then, i searched everything about E1. The specification and feature are quite good but the material are made from plastic. Not-so-good for me as im not really gentle when it comes handling with the gadgets. I tend to drop my stuffs and i cant imagine if im drop the E1, it will be broken!
Luckily, Powershot A1100 Is is the one the most fulfill my requirements in cameras hunting!
Canon ( the most prefer brand )-Use AA Battery- at least 10MP and above ( A1100 is 12.1MP ) - most important, the color must in PINK!
Most people don't like bulky camera as it is so tedious and not that-so-update-lah but i love it cuz using AA battery most convenience to use.Plus, the AA battery easily get from the store and it is cheaper rather than Li- ion battery.
What if, by the time your Li-ion battery low and damage, i bet you can't charge or buy it automatically. Some more, suddenly your budget are really tight.
Owh gosh!
Then, you will say, "what a badluck.." =P
See, that's why im not really prefer camera used Li-ion bat. I can always bring extra AA battery whenever A1100 IS tuck along with me.
In case, when in fieldtrip, my camera still can function well or else where i want to charge when im in the middle of jungle??
Plug in your nose hole pun xguna la!

More on Pink Camera

Sony ericsson T707

Pink is for the girlF and Blue for the boyF =)
We saving some money to get the couple set hP.
Jangan jeles.

p.s : i want to change my layout again!=P

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