Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Beware and Alert!

Be cautious with your surrounding people!
"Somehow, don't trust her easily. Everything was explained clearly.What else she want?" the boyF said.
Im just sitting next to him quietly and my response "Hmm..".
Okay, its really make freaking out after heard what his said.
We never know the people surrounding us could be sabotage on you right?
Business is business.
No personal matters are bringing in when it comes to business.
But, through business , you met friends , and an enemy(ies)!
Everyone want have their successful business, neglect what way are use to get it.
Im prefer a honest deal here.
My belief in God is strong and He will help and make it easy for me whenever there is any obstacles.
Praise the Lord!
It's okay with me to get a small profit rather than im cheating people's money!
From small profit, it will growing up to a bigger profit right?
Better than you get a big profit by cheating then your business collapsed cuz people realizing your business is cheating on their money!
That's awful!
My principle is
"My customers put their trust on me and i should respect their trustworthy."
In that way, the customers will return to you again and again.

Okay, should be enough with this crapping cuz im should finish my assignment on Environmental Law.
I crapped a lot in that assignment too!
30% mark out of whole assessment including the final paper.
What a big profit to me if i fully hit 30%!

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