Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Quick update!

First, im still editing my blog, a new blogshop for selling trendy clothes.
All the clothes area imported from Korea, Taiwan, Hong kong and Japan.More than 400 items need to be choose and editing all the pictures.
Gosh! That's a lot you know.
When it all done, i will officially launch to the world.
No worries, i will announce it here k.
Most of the clothes are pre-order and it only opens a quite limited time.
So, be ready and keep tracking with it.

2nd, well, still editing my blog, another blogshop, ilovelensshop as you can view to my page, the fonts are really disguised me and i think all the customers are annoyed whenever read it.
Apologized about it, there's an error with it and till today i cant figure it out how to fixed.
That's called technical error!=P
Can anyone can help me with that prob?
I would be appreciate.

3rd, start went to lab to proceed my FYP. Okay,it is really tedious work cuz have to sort it out all the individuals (spiders) and get eyed on it to identification what species it is.
Plus, the spiders also tiny which is the size also same with the ants!
Buta mata ku nangga suma eh.

Last but not least, im just being lazy to update it since other stuffs need my attention too!
When im started focusing on one stuff, i will neglect other things.
However, i always keep update my blog but not daily update k.

Btw, visit ilovelensshop right now!
The pre-order opened for October Batch and good news Geo Lens are come with ready stock!
View on it and email me your order k

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