Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Same name different people =P

In my life, i've met alot of people named Andy.

Andy 1 : My classmate in St.Co. A chinese tall skinny handsome guy- used to be very naughty guy in my class and like to escape class! but a smart student =)

Andy 2 : Another chinese average height skinny guy + a handsome guy too! =P Met him during im working at salon.He is the one my hairstyling. A very talented! =D

Andy 3 : A chinese guy again! Same height with me, chubby and cute2 pun laki. My ex-boy =P

Andy 4 : An iban guy!naa..not a good guy. Likes to cheat girl's money and not a gentleman guy! Everyone knows that~~ Boo!!!

Andy 5 : Get update with his breakfast serves! =) Nice informations he had there.

Another Andy?Perhaps next time.Hehe =P

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