Sunday, September 27, 2009

money is a good motivation

H.E.L.L.O People =)
Hiatus mode still on, so i don't have any nice story to be told though there it is!=P
Boo-ed me.

One week holidays are over and campus life is back.
What a hectic day i will go through, as if!
Eating, sleeping and online are my overdose pills.
A lazy bum girl like me will go nowhere.
I need some motivation please!
That could and always $$$$$$~~~

me : sayang, can you give me some money,please...?
him : No and no! I have no money to give to you. <-- a cruel and mean bF! =P

and, that's answered evrything why im such a lazy person!
He don't give me any money!!!


Anyway, i found these chumel2 template and tempted to have it in my blog but there is an error.
I hate it when this thing happen.
Im too lazy to fixed it by editing some xml code.
See, i told ya,
I am such a lazy person~~
Perhaps, some other time i will do it la.

Holiday mood still in me!
So no work no money!

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