Sunday, September 13, 2009

A 18 years old stripper

She came alone and stoned.

She thought she goddess sexy but WRONG!

She just fooled herself by done like that.

A fastest way to get famous by stripping in public!=P

Luckily, the bonzer shooed her away,if not she will dance nakedly in front of us!


I didn't brought any digicam since it is hard to take care of my stuffs during clubbing.

For sure, i will snap alot of pictures of that 18 years old stripper!


Venue : Amoebar , Travillion Kuching


XxrLyn_rAwksxX said...

Oh CRAP!!!
bla tok?? knk mpuan ya cmya skali?

XXjenniferXX said...

hahah..mpuan ya hang men brg bh ya =P
last sat kt amoebar cnun..mun ny lmk kt ats cnun konfom ny bogel bah...semai jk kena halo..

Amalina E Azmi said...

18 thn ka?haha gila juak pmpuan ya..mst nya rs kacak oo :p

XXjenniferXX said...

bkn asa kck but asa femes n dsukai..eeww~~~ hahahah