Saturday, September 12, 2009

Get Hairy everyone =)

I really love with all kinds of hairstyles and daring to try it though it might be weird to others. =P
but hey, sometimes i don't want to take any risk to do the freaky kind of hairstyles!
Enough with the bad hair day, not a bad hair year k!
Here, check out this link, you all can try any hairstyles you want just by clicking on a mouse! =)

-Short blonde hairstyle-

I like this haircut+ the blonde color but i don't think i want cut my hair at this moment.


Attempt to be a Marilyn Monroe =P

-Straight sleeky bob hairstyle-

This is the style im always love, with the straight bang covered my biiiggg forehead!huh~

Suitable for dinner or prom. Consider to try this one for next dinner =)

The nerdy look of me.



Well, there is other reason i posted up all pics with that ntah pa2 jak hairstyles ya.
I received parcel from and waited it for almost 2 months. Naa, im not really mind to wait for it since it is really worth it.








It is a wig!

okie, don't give me that weird look k.

Please hear my explanation first.

You all know that i frequently changed my hairstyles and it is cost me alot ( i dont really care about the money) but the chemical being used to have the hairstyles i admired!

I don't want to get bald by on my age 30 plus!


That's me with the hair net on and the real pic of my wig.
A really good quality of wig and the price is just RM50!
It is really cheap and i suggested you all to buy, if interested la!

The wig model that i chose!

and this is the real me with the dark brown wig- with the flash.
Kinda messy here cuz im too excited to wear it =P

Enjoy the rest of my pictures =)

Rupa saya sangat ayu saja.Ini membuatkan saya ingin simpan rambut panjang dan kerinting macam dalam gambar tersebut.
The links where you can buy the wigs :
Short hair wigs

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