Wednesday, May 14, 2008

its holiday time...yea!!

ya...ya..its holiday season now..4 our uni la...its a quite borink hols...i guez so...heheh ;p

da hols juz stat might b alot events will b quite neves yet excited thinkin wut kind of telenovela owh will happen in diz last yr hols...haiz!make my life miserable 4 whole life nly!i've alot probs occur...act da probs is purposely 2 occured...i reli hate dat person owh...i will NEVER FORGET N FORGIVE dat person...till my family get involved oso owh!!!
n now me n my family bonding r not so gud cuz of dat incident...sigh...

i think i shud forget da past n move on my new life *winks*

ps : dats not me...hehehe ;p

guez wut will b im doin 4 my hols?? i give da hint oredi.. im workin at salon!!yea...heheh...its reli my dream 2 work ther so damned hepi when da bos wan 2 accept me even im juz a part time 4 2months nly!!i decide 2 work ther every hols i have...da salon reli has a gud service n da hairstylists r vy fwenly ;) if i were a customer.. i will mark dat salon as my best salon..da price quite reasonable n still can negotiate da price..n their using gud+quality product stat workin diz sat...8.30am til 6pm..owh gosh...i reli cnot wait da moments im workin at salon eh...muz b an interesting experiences i hv later...hehehe..

cya then...tatata~~

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