Thursday, May 8, 2008

the up+side+down+left+right life of me

elo ther!!

im jennifer...diz year i will b 20 yrs old on 5th dec...hehehe ^^

y i choose diz title 4 my blog??0.o
cuz tru da title da viewer cn noe dat my life is not juz hv a sweet memoirs only but oso hv bitters too...yeah...dats true..its not my life nly but evry one makes our life upside bring joys yet pains too...haiz!dats how i said dat sumtime life is not unfair..??yea...unfair..sigh!T_t
but neway in my blog...i will share evrytin wut im goin tru 4 whole my life...i need urs opinions too so dat i have a lot choices in makin my decision in my life...
thanx 4 viewing n do leave ur comments k.
..(i needed it 2 improve my life bcome much more better) ;P
heehhe..take care n GOD blez u all...Amen!^__^

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