Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hectic schedule?hmm 0.o

Sometime, I'm always feel to going back to my hometown, Miri , but after thinks twice the reasons why I'm insisted to come here, I'm slowly to let go the feeling.
Yeah, 1st thing is for my tiger, 2nd is my big dream ( kononnya la ;P) ,and 3rd is my family.

Because only West Malaysia have tiger.
That's explained enough why i came here.
In this week, I'm planning to join the volunteer on Tiger Outreach Program which is aiming to increase the public awareness on conservation of tigers and etc.
And in August, will be another fieldtrip to Gerik, Perak which is known as a major hotspot for poaching and trade.
Although it is just a volunteer activities but i will have stipend( google for it) based on my contributions. ;)

Artistic photography.
Should I choose 1st photo or 2nd photo for artistic photography photoshoot?
I will go for Lily Cole's look (2nd photo).
Too bad, i'm not interested on doing the artistic model thingy.
There's still more other chances.
Haha :P

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