Sunday, July 11, 2010

bye bye miri ;(

This is the first time my family don't accompany me to the airport as my dad working in morning and my mum at home because there is no transport. :(
Luckily, my friend fetched me and sent me to the airport.
I hate morning flight especially first flight because right now i'm so damn sleepy.
Well, there is another reason, i do not sleep for whole night because :
1. I need to packed all my stuffs ( selected stuffs as i will be shopping a lot after received my salary :P)
2. Partying all night long.Aha! I thought i will not have the chance to club as i don't know who i want to bring along, plus my flight is on morning, and lucky me, my friend asked me out.Here it is, get tipsy and dance until the morning then rushing to get ready to airport.
I'm so damn sad for leaving Miri, perhaps in long time? I don't have any planning yet. Just follow the flow where it lead to.
Yeah, here i come Kuching , then kL.
Having my vacation, erk, working :P
I will miss Miri a lot. ;(
I hate this kind of feeling.

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