Tuesday, May 18, 2010

im in dilemma...

To stay or move on?

I hate when I've to make only one decision between two choices.
Two choices that will lead different life after that.
Different life that affect the whole life.
When affected, then you will say, "how i wish i didn't make this choice and i want to turn back time :( "
Time goes on.
There's nothing can change it.
Let bygone be bygone.
Yeah, i'm so dilemma.
Dilemma how would my future be?
The actions today make the next day.
So, what's coming next?

Seriously, i'm still confusing what job should i do for my whole life.
Yeah, i'm just completed my 3 years study in zoology but the options had in Malaysia are so limited compare to western country.
Malaysia is still in developing country, so everything focus on economic matters.
Once the economic stable, then all the sciences and technologies rapidly arise.
By that time happen, i think i'm six feet under ground.
Suppose be im going to kL right now which is something to do with the MYCAT programmes.
Tiger,tiger, and always be about tiger.

But i realized my passion toward more into fashion.
The hairstyle, make ups, clothes, shoes and etc.
I like the job which is meeting new people, communicate and socialize with them.
Travelling too.
I love attending various events.
When all my coursemate busy watching National Geographic, Animal Planets,
Im busy watching American Next Top Model, The Runway Project and hair+make up tutorial videos.
While they are busy reading sciences journal, here i am reading fashion blogs and magazine.
It is my routine to buy Cleo and Seventeen every months.
That's explained enough why mostly all my post not so "sciences".

Damn! My heart still for these :(

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