Monday, May 17, 2010

i think i should venture into modelling world :)

If i do have pretty face with marvelous nice body shape, of course i will!
Just like my friends :)
Mostly all my friends are venture into modelling world.
Yeah,maybe i should start get rid all those fats from my body :P
Let's get party started!
*Dance mode on*
Love the club's ambiance where all the musics are loud enough to make me dance non-stop :P
Only dance can make me sweat enough.
Okay, enough with all that thingy.
Let's move to other stuffs.

Introducing my friend, Darcya~~♡ ...¤
Congratulation to her because she represented Malaysia as Miss Malaysia in Miss Tourism 2010 event.

Hell yeah, she did joined the Miss Borneo 2009 event and if not mistaken she got 2nd place.
Awesome! :D
Can you spotted Anglia?:P

Girls you are so so gorgeous :D


and Chrissy :)
She just 16 years old.
Can't believe it?
I love this photo of her¨`*:•.☆❤ .


Both are Mirian girls.
Who say Mirian girls are not beautiful?
Im proud to be Mirian girl :P

Photo credit to everyone that owned it :)

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