Saturday, April 10, 2010

i can't stop thinking of you,

that's why i keep posted about you and you and, its you.
It is all in my mind and i'll get crazy if i don't tell the world about it :)

Okay, a lil'bit overrated intro of my post :P
I know im in hiatus mode at this moment but i wanted to spare of my time to blog, anyway.

Current trend of fashion now is wearing leggings either it is in plain legging, or some sort of fashion. Leggings can be opaque or pantyhose or etc.

Ripped leggings. Owh i like :-x
I found out that ripped leggings much more expensive compare to normal leggings.
My DIY ( do it yourself) idea is, just bought a normal leggings ( can be any color you want ) , then you can just cut it up by scissors.
Ripped leggings handmade is done!
I will post about the DIY idea to show it how okey! :)

The latest trend of leggings that are hot items in market, these kinds of styles (certain) :

My crazy idea just pop out :
"Can i just drawing vertical lines on my legs by using a black marker?" :P

For slimming and long legs effect.

Want to know what is my first impression when i saw this pic?
Its look like my legs got a lots of mole, even worse, skin disease.
Owh yikes!#-o

I love this Zebra printed leggings!!!:-X
Will be in my wardrobe soon :)

More choices in here

Hell yeah, i can't wait to dress up like Audrey Kitching's looks with my Dr.Marten pink boot.
Minus the hat :P

Random pic of me using the white heels + black leggings :

The pink high waisted dress just cost RM 25 and too bad i don't buy it, but i got it for pictures ;D
And i wonder how does it look if i take off my leggings, hmmm?0.o

I did some manicure on my feet toes and never thought it will match with my new Pink Emilio Valentino sandals. Hehe.

Gah! I hate when my bang goes like that =.='

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