Sunday, April 18, 2010

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As Tiger Blogfest 2010 will start on 19th until 23rd April, my contribution towards to increase public awareness, i only make simple poster with a simple message.Since i will start my final on 19th, so i posted earlier the poster.
Apologized to the admin =.='
I hope this simple poster is not end up as poster in my blog but can give some awareness on how important to protect our Malayan Tiger.
Who said Tigers is bad animal and they deserved to be killed?
If no human-tiger conflict, the tigers will live happily in their place but since humans are full of greedy and lust, they hunt the tigers for own benefits.
Yeah, tigers attack human because they feel threatened and revenge?
And why those tigers roam at human habitation?
Simple answer, rapidly development caused tiger's habitat slowly destroyed.
So, they need a large area to roam to foraging (find foods) and they end up at humans area.
Since they are starving enough, they see human as food.
Then,human kill it back because of the anger feeling.
Human is gifted with logical thinking compare to tigers have no brain(literally!).

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Sorry for the bad quality T_T

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Mas Ai said...


Monyet King said...

Cool poster, Jeniffer.

d'enricher said...

My quest for tiger stories lead my to your site.

A member of Tiger Blogfest 2010.

Best regards

Cinta Alam Malaysia.

XXjenniferXX said...

@to all : thank you very much :)