Thursday, March 25, 2010

Trouble is your friend

Previously ,I didn't thought it is a Lenka's song titled Trouble is your friend and till now, i still loves listening the song. :)

The cover album on Lenka. Its so retro?Hehehe :P

Well same goes with the Mika's album cover.Colourful.Cheerful. :D

Spotted Lenka wore Pink Peplum dress on the video clip.
I lurveee~~ :D

Well, i get mine too.It is a floral purple peplum dress.Teehee. *winks*
So, what do you think?
Looks like a ugly dress?
Erm, it just a subjective opinion :P

Photo credit to Shopaholix bar blogshop.
Who said i don't buy stuffs from other blogshop?Lolz.

p/s : Mesti cepat-cepat google and cari the blogshop kan.Hehe.

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