Wednesday, January 13, 2010

my dream wedding *winks*

of course it is in PINK theme!
a lil'bit of black and white touch too~
omg!i LOVE it so much :X
Okie, i know pink color is just a common ? +too pinkish+girlish+blablabla~~
Right i care, it's my favorite, so please respect if you want me to respect your favorite ugly colors k :)

Pink color is not gay k!X-(

I want all to be in PINK, any hues in PINK as long it look match+nice+simple+luxury+elegant.
No cute2 look in this theme, naah common its a wedding time k not playtime :P
Dress code color is fixed either it is white,black or PiNk,obviously!
Other colors, please do not enter.
The invitation card will be given earlier in advance, so plenty times to shop the apparels.

Instead of pink roses, i opt for pink tulip.

Even i want to wear Pink killer heels but my guy were look so short than me.
So hows eh?:-?

A wedding without the wedding cake is like a coffee without sugar, well, unless it is an espresso!
I love~~~

So what you all think?
Well, everyone has their own opinion.
I hope this dream will come in reality cuz marriage only happen once in a lifetime ;;)
But i don't think my guy will be agree cuz he so cheapskate or maybe for him he can get married for 4 times.
So, save the best for last :P

pictures credits to everyone.

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