Sunday, January 17, 2010

Get rid of stress mind by

listening to this piano cover for Pan's Labyrinth movie .
If you never watch this movie then you should ;)
It is a Spanish language spoken fairytale movie and if you think the fairytale story is for kids, YOU ARE WRONG!
Sometimes fairytale can make you happy and release your tension by having a wonderful dream to think of.
No, not a nightmare okie!8-|
Never be too realistic because it will get you nowhere because a dream is needed before make it become happen.
Don't tell me you NEVER DREAMED to became a successful person in this world and blablabla..?
Chop my head la~ heh!
Sometime some people SO ANNOYED at the some place.

This soundtrack of the movie always played in Malaysian drama especially drama Melayu TV3.

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