Saturday, December 19, 2009

Do you all love Hello Kitty?

Yes i do!!! *winks* Hello kitty are pink+cute+adorable :) That's is sooooo meeeeeeee~~ Dang!

Let me introduce Hello Kitty iphone-ish!!! *Drum rolls*

Don't they look so cute with these 4 choices of colors available?
Their shape - a Hello Kitty head.
Auuuww~~ kawaii neh :D
im so tempted to have this phone but i also wanted sony T707 as well too!
If im using the Hello kitty phone, i will be the only one use at my campus *winkswinks!*
Owh did i tell you it is a touch screen???
What a really high tech!:P
Yes!yes!yes!It is for sale and you can find in here!
Thinking to get it if i got extra budget to buy :)
Nevertheless, click this if you think that innocent look of hello kitty might be bring hells yeah to someone life :P

p/s : no offense to hello kitty hell's author.peace!:)

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