Friday, September 4, 2009

*tension mode*

Argh! i hate it! i hate it SO00000O much!
Screwed you FYP!
Presentation postponed to this coming Monday and i have to re-do it again since jonkar said blablabla about my slides.
aiya. i just want to know is it okay or not, not to tambah-tambah my kerja bah~~
Im gonna complete my degree not master la. i don't think i can do it all bah.eeyer! *Pissed off*
Then, i met the boyF and i am cried in public due to over-tension with this stupid FYP.
I felt like to quit and enjoying my life happily.
I'm easily distracted.
Im pessimist .
I think negative first before positive.
I am confident, confident to be spoiled.

I am Jennifer-o-nothing! :(

The boyF helped me re-edit the slides.

Im superb love the boyF.
Here a kiss for you :)
Everyone wish me good luck for my FYP's presentation ya.
God bless you all.
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