Saturday, August 29, 2009

A shot of pictures before went out. Everything looks okay and beautiful!=P

Yesterday, our 3rd year batch had a dinner gathering together. Once in Ramadhan month, we will planned sungkei ( i don't know in english term : when all the muslims eat after 1day fasting) together.
Last time we had at Barok Cafe Kuching and this time, Steambot! =D
i love food so much and i can eat as many i can~~~

steambot at Hollywood cafe located near to Boulevard Kuching.

Some of my classmates. I'm having my second round ate. Food at my tables i've eaten all. =P

A full bowl of extra soup i cooked in my previous table! i moved to my friend's table since they still a lot foods to eat!Yummy~~~ =D
I should smacked him down rather than pinched his ear.lalalalala~~~
Im the 1st person ate and im the last finished it!
I drank 4 drinks namely coconut drink,ice lemon tea,green tea and ice water!
When everyone stop eating cuz of full stomach, im still enjoying my food!
My principle when it comes to eating, " Today eat while you still can, tommorow who knows there no food to eat!"
After finished the stimbot, we karaoke-ing at absolute lounge & KTV somewhere near there too. karaoke is our favorite stuff to do together since everyone like to show off their voices. =P
Absolute Lounge & KTV
RM 5 per person 1 hour
Alots of choice of song : Malay,English,Chinese,Korea and Japan
The room is very nice yet comfy.
Highly recommend to go there.=)
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