Saturday, August 29, 2009

Masquerade a.k.a Zoology dinner

Strike that pose!Owh yeah~

Im with my masquerade mask. =)

Previously, i did promise to upload all the picson my zoology dinner right?
i don't took a lots pictures during that time since im busy emcee-ing that night.
Suppose be, im just shown up during games and lucky draw session but i end up emcee-ing whole night!lolz =P
Btw, im lazy to upload the picture in here. so click on Marcie page.A few pictures during our zoology night.
Let me tell the details of our zoology dinner.
im one of the committee that organised the dinner =)
It held at Banquet Kuching. i think it is the most grand ever zoology student attended~
It is a buffet dinner and paid RM50. Very worth with the foods~
The theme is Masquerade Night.
im responsible to provided all the mask to guests.
So,the mask you can buy at Tabuan Jaya area near 1 choice mall. It is sell in the toys shop opposite to 100% Discount store.
some of the funky masquerade mask that i bought in Tabuan Jaya.
Deco it with your own creativity.


Anonymous said...

hello there~ ur mask is nice..did u do it urself?

Anonymous said...

hello~ ur mask is nice...did u do it urself?

XXjenniferXX said...

hye there =)
i get my masked profesionally made by
email her at

i hope this info will help you