Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Palm Sunday

Palm sunday has just passed a few days ago, Holy Thursday+Good Friday+Easter Sunday (sat ya ada pa2 ka?) are coming by the end of this week. Since we all came late on that Sun morning, we didn't have our palm leaves. First time i celebrated Palm Sunday without leaves of palm.huhuhu

As usual, after mass, meronggeng and suping2 la but i don't brought camera with me that time. See, what did i suping2 on that Sun..hehehe.

I do have Paddington bear in his yellow raincoat after i redeemed in Guardian shop.

now im crazily into moomoo things~

what an adorable Hello kitty mouse i have!wee~

Kingmax stick 2gb handydrive. I love conteng2 my stuff.

The most best item i bought!=) ada bulu2.sangat best~

p/s : This post published on April 14, 12.54 pm.

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