Sunday, April 19, 2009

More pix on GEO KOREA LENSES ;)

Previously, i did posted FB (Facebook) album Jennifer Lens Shop link but it can not be view because it said the link already expired and blablabla. I thought once i make it public album,automatically it can viewed directly. So, now i posted all the Korea Lenses pictures in my blog to make it more easier for those do not have FB account. Or, you all can add me in FB if interested or any inquiry about the Lenses. ;)

All the lenses shown here are for pre-order stock. Ready stock also available if have any request.

Pre-order Lenses price start from RM 25!!!
It is the cheapest amongst other type lenses plus it is safe to use. ( i also use the lenses ;) )
You only have to buy one pair of lenses even though left&right eyes has different degree compare to other lenses that have to buy 2 pairs!
All degree available up to 10000.

Postage price :

Sabah & Sarawak *RM 9
Peninsular Msia *RM 6

I'm considered taking pre-order outside from Malaysia, if have any request.
The rate of postage depends locations and items weight.
*First 3 pairs ** Any additional pair is RM 1 per pair

Geo Angel Blue RM 25

Geo Angel Green RM 25

Geo Angel Purple RM 25

Geo Angel Black & Geo Angel Brown RM 25

Geo Angel Colors.

Geo Nudy Brown RM 25

Geo Nudy Grey RM25
Geo Nudy Green ( Zero power only) RM 25

Geo Nudy Blue RM 25
Geo Golden Blue ( Zero power only) RM 25

Geo Nudy Colors RM 25

Trend Lenses RM 37

CK 105 RM 25

Wing Series RM 25

Animation Lenses RM 37

Crazy Lenses RM 37

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