Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A traffic into your blog???

Till now, the readers of my blog are my own friends only. Though, i want that kind of "congested road" in my blog but i find it hard to do so. Sometime, we didn't know there's might be a stalker in our blog. Who's know right?That's make me think deeply and afraid there will be no more privacy in life. Deh, asa glemer la ktk tek..hahaha ;P

Everyone does know how to jammed their own blog right?Maybe create a scene yang xpernah wujud di muka bumi ni or mengfamouskan diri in blog dengan mencipta satu kontroversi sehingga meletupnya gunung berapi yang sebelum ini xpernah meletup. WOW!Memang hebat!*Tepuk tangan*

If not, bitching about people who bitching on our life pun memang best. Then, all the bombastic word also Kaboom out! Like myself, i'm always said the F word when i'm really pissed off with something or someone. The F word already glued stick on my mouth, so it instantly pop out from my sexy luscious lips.

Aha!Kalau tidak pun mengekspresikan perasaan pasal chenta zaman dulu kala pun boleh juak. Chenta zaman sekarang pun boleh juak.xda salah kerana itu adalah hak anda untuk menunjukkan perasaan kepada orang ramai. Contohnya, seorang teman ini did uploaded all her ex-boyfriend in blog post and make readers confused who is actually her boyfriend. Kununnya, itu semua adalah chenta munyit.Ya ampun manusia zaman sekarang ini,dengan munyit pun nak berchenta.Owh memang desperate itu orang.Sungguh kasihan dengan manusia sebegini.

Ana (bukan nama sebenar) adalah teman rapat , READ : teman rapat tuuuu... kepada seseorang teman ini yang xpernah menceritakan siapa itu Ana to me and I officially said that i really don't know who the heck this Ana anyway and i don't even give a damn about it.

Lihat! cupcakes munyit itu sungguh comel. Owh Cupcakes munyit ini x kaitan dengan cerita Ana tadi. Cupcakes munyit dan Ana adalah 2 perkara yang berbeza. If got persamaan pun, maybe Ana comel macam cupcake munyit kot??Owh itu saya xtahu kerana saya xpernah melihat muka Ana kerana teman rapat kepada Ana ini xpernah pun menceritakan siapa itu Ana.(I said it just now)

Just forget who the hecks Ana is.It does not worth us anything anyway. We must find teman rapat such as T.I because he will be always said "whatever you like~~"

p/s : Lalink, i miss you. ;)

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