Thursday, March 26, 2009

The results of...

Quiz When Will You Find Love?
You'll find love when you stop chasing it.
You're all like "C'mon quiz! I want love NOW! Give it to me or I'm going to hit 'back' and pick different answers until you give me some love!" Retake the quiz if you want, but the truth is, love doesn't work like that. You can't just decide to fall in love with someone. You have to take the time to get to know a person before you can really love them. You also can't force anyone to get to know you if they're not into it. Nobody wants to feel pressured about a relationship. Give love a break. Let it work its magic on its own for a while... let love find you.
saya berkata :toing! true love works magically. *winks*

Quiz What are your chances to survive in a zombie attack?

The Zombie Slayer
You are the ultimate zombie killing machine. You can take down hundereds of zombies without losing your cool. Others will look upon you for guidance.

saya berkata : Jennifer the zombie slayer movie is coming soon..hohoho~~

Quiz The Simple Truth??

Little Sneak
You try to be a friend, but at the same time there's a part of you that holds that dangerous devil inside. You are very good at hidding certain things from people.

saya berkata : She's so dangerous~~~~ * lagu dangerous girl berkumandang*

Quiz Celebs (only for girls unless your gay)

Chad Michael Murray
chad is 27 and is the most lovin and sexiii guy in the world!!! Good for you he might be waiting for you......xD

saya berkata : ini saya sangat setuju!xD chad murray lah lelaki yang dipuja-puja dan diingini
dalam hidup ku ini.

Quiz What Disney Princess Are You? (Galz only , soz boyz)


You are Ariel, be happy and relax.You were born to lead and are a natural star with hidden talents. Your surprise is waiting for you, who knows when it will come?

saya berkata : Yes, i born to lead because i'm the eldest in my siblings. Natural star with
hidden talents? tiba-tiba saya teringat kata-kata seseorang " kamu tu
bagaikan emas tertutup..taik." I was like wttuuuuuuuuuuuuut????????????

Quiz What Color Is Your Heart?

The Crimson Heart is assertive, brave, energetic, action-oriented, intelligent, individualistic, independent, impulsive, full of strength, competitive, eager, straightforward, forceful, headstrong, pioneering, a leader, focused on the present and freedom-loving. They can also sometimes be intemperate, violent, impatient, fiery, rash, extreme, and arrogant.

saya berkata : hmm..kenali saya dengan baik bukannya melalui penyataan.

Quiz who is your hollywood twin?

Katy Perry
Your new, original, and hitting the top of thhe chart every time you do something...your unknown by few, and everyone that you know thinks your amazing...

saya berkata : I'm big fan of katy perry! i kissed a girl~~

Suppose be i'm doing poster but i ended up doing something else. student bah.biasa la ya..
I just randomly answered the quiz and well, the result ada bena ada bulak juak. mun yang baik ya bena la.mun nok jaik ya bulak suma ya.hahaha ;PPP
Bah, mok polah poster lok or gi tido kali nak.hmmm.

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