Saturday, March 21, 2009

it happen again!

I'm pissed off!
Saya marah!
Kamek manas!
I guess i'm no luck in year 2009 since my new handphone Sony K770i damaged again!
Owh hurray..??
WTF la!
I missed a lot nice pictures to capture with.
So, no camering make my life emptied and dull.
No colourful pictures.
No comel face ;P
No life's expression.
No the latest pictures of me as time go on.
Ahh tidak!!!
Luckily, my guy lent his Canon digital camera to me ;)
Here's a few pictures of me :
1. Tunjukkan muka anda yang paling comel.
Err..i don't think its comel enough.LOLZ!
2.Cara menggunakan digital camera.
Basically, we use digital camera like this, right?
3.Bukti anda menggunakan digital camera.
Didn't thought berguna juak webcam lappy saya..hekhekhek.

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