Sunday, March 22, 2009

Entomology Hunting

Once upon on a beautiful saturday morning, we had "entomology hunting" in our campus. I envied those who still slept and cuddling in comfy blanket on that saturday morning.

I'm ready for hunting!;P

See that frown face at him after his left leg accidentally got soaked in muddy.

It's not easy to find 40 different species in one day, we had to entered in forest.

A messy room+insects also occupied in this room.

Collections on insects that we hunted for.

Though, already had collected enough specimens, i have to spreading,pinning and labelling the specimens.That's the most tedious work i don't really like. The specimens are really fragile, thus if not handle with care, the specimens damaged. Almost all my specimens have that "nice" damaged features namely broken abdomen, torn wings and blablabla.=.='
I'm frustrated.

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