Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Damn it!
one hour plus i need to find the connection!
i sat this side the connection was limited and when i changed to other side,my cable plug are not fit tightly.
okay..why everytime i have this kind "gadjet-problem"???
my hP still in repair, my lappy??
don't have to mention about it any more.
it's rest in peacely.
and now??
everything screwed up!
that's why the eyes specialist said i am in stress!
how did he know about it?
of course he knew.
He's an iridologist.
Err..i guess that's the right term for someone study in iridology??
Me and other friends went to the iridology booth and just paid Rm2 to do the eyes test. From the eyes test,we can know the health problem we having.
I did the test and the iridologist said im stress,high acidic in blood,toxicity in my intestine and colon and maybe my pancreas will affected soon.
The first reaction when i heard he said like that,i laughed.
I laughed because it's true and that's why recently i drank kinohitmisu peppermint tea.
It's for removing toxicity in body.

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