Tuesday, January 13, 2009


what a hectic day i had today!
after last class,i dozzed off till exceed my dinner time.
gee..no wonder im felt hungry right now but i have to cut down the calories i need or should i say precisely, the calories i take??
*giggling laugh*
sorry for seldom updating my blog.
A standard reason for the incovenience incident is too many assigments need to handle!
that's the perfect answer for a busy student like me.
Luckily, today i can online with my laptop.Certain time it will make my life miserable by not fuctioning very well for me but thanks to my lappy because still provide the service it should.
My assignments is to upload the informations of Myotis muricola and Tarsius bancanus in Wikipedia.
Owh yeah,I am writing for the wikipedia free encyclopedia!
You can read the contents i wrote in wikipedia but not for now,i haven't upload it.
Be patient,k.
Don't you think it's cool?
Nah, it's not cool at all.
Trust me.
The latest assigment that given by this morning is Entomology Lab which required every student including me to colllect 40 different specimens from 40 different species.
Ever heard that word before?
I just knew the word after i enrolled this course as one of my core subject.
For your all information, im pursueing study in zoology!
Er...don't ask me why im sighing.
Back to the question previous, what is Entomology?
It's the study of insects.
Everything about the insects.
I cannot imagine i will spare almost my time with the insects just for the Lab assignment.

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