Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A joyful yet meaningful Christmas

When it comes year end holiday, Christmas is the first thing on my mind. Since Christmas is just around of corner, a lot preparation need to be done such as Christmas gifts, Christmas decorations, yummy cookies and etc. Instead of spend a large amount for Christmas, why don’t we cut the budget low but we still can feel the Christmas’s spirit?
Here are some tips :
1. We need a Christmas tree on a Christmas day! Use the old Christmas tree if it still in good condition. Need to buy the new one? Okay, fine..we can chopped down the tree planted on the street and turn it into a Christmas tree. Make sure it is a fir,pine or cypress tree not a rambutan or durian tree!
2. Christmas mean presents! A nice-or-not present always judged by its wrapping. We don’t need expensive wrapping paper if we can find zero cost wrapping paper at our home. Just tear off the old magazines, comics or newspaper to wrap the present. Make it look more creative by tied it up by a ribbon or nylon rope. Don’t wrap it like a rubbish. Do respect the recipient’s feeling, please.
3. Let it snow!Let it snow!Let is snow by blender the ice a lot.Aha!At least we still can feel the icy snow when we touch it. Or feeling it is the wasteful idea? Then, lets make ABC drinks and serve to our guest!
4. The traditional red and green colors of Christmas decorations bring a festive mood to Christmas. Now, it is the time to show off of some collection for instance toys, doll or teddy bear. Start hang up your fancy and colorful stockings ( not a smelly with a hole stockings) on the wall. A theme like this makes a very personal holiday decorating scheme so that you can sit back and enjoy your creation.
5. During festive season, this is our chance to eat various food and beverages till your tummy explode! For the house tenant, it might be a little bit burden because we the one to feed our guests. So, shopping at the supermarkets that offer low prices. The best way is held “lucky pot” with our guests. By doing this, we can strengthen the relationship bonding.
Remember, sharing is caring.
Christmas is a time to be happy n enjoy!
It's time to be together.
Merry Christmas!;)

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