Tuesday, December 23, 2008


the previous post i wrote before is the one i submitted to the contest. danel n josef didnt believe i wrote it all by myself..dun simply easily judge me bah..hehe...im doing it for fun only..its realy a crazy idea when i mentioned bout the snow thing..i cannot imagine if i would really blend the ice just to make it looks like a snow..hehhe ;P
my mum will scold me if it hapen for real..
the christmas tree replaced by rambutan or durian tree??
that's so hillarious!
i get that idea when my auntie asked my mum to put christmas lights on our pokok mangga outside our house.
my mum rolled her eyes said, "ermm..xyah la.pokok christmas yang kecik ya pun jadi la"
thats happened long time last christmas la.
about the smelly and holes on the stockings??
weh..i use my own fancy and colourful stokings k..it is brand new one and still have new-odour-smelly stick on it!
i hanged it up on the wall..and surprisingly i got $$$ inside the stockings..LUCKY ME! ;)


Gnet said...

what contest did u joined??? :D

XXjenniferXX said...

haha..nmpk ko iklan save and invest tepi blog ku ya...aku join ya jak bah..suka2 jk bah...guez wut tips ku ya masuk top 50..hahah ;)