Sunday, December 28, 2008

Jenny and Juno Movie

From 5am til 7.30am, i watched korean drama online by

The title is Jenny and Juno.

I found the movie randomly when im searching korean song. This movie is about young couple lovers named Jenny and Juno. Jenny was accidentally pregnant by Juno. They accept their responsibility for what they have done but their parents did not agree at all. But they are so lucky cuz they have friends' supported. Their friends even held a wedding's party for them.owh so sweeeet!!!

Im enjoyed watching the movie because Juno is so sweet and attentive to Jenny's situation.He did everything just for Jenny.If im Jenny, Im the most luckiest girl in the world to have that such a boyfriend. ;)

The soundtrack of Jenny and Juno.The song very cute isnt it ;)))

Im going to love~~~~

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