Sunday, December 28, 2008

can i be that skinny again?

That was me in Aug 2007.
I was really look great by having that nice body shape.
I have small arms, flat tummy and small thighs.
Sep 2007
I've gained some weight and this is the result ;(

5th Dec 2008

26th Dec 2008
It's so obvious that im look more chubby
(im trying not to hurt my own feeling by saying that I am FAT!!argh)
compare to the previous pictures (2007).
Right now i have muffin top, big thighs, and all those fat on my body.
Even im become that chubby but i still have that nice hourglass body curve.
owh yeah baby!;)
Whatever it is, im really really craving that my skinny body shape again.
I wonder if that could happen again??
Need to tone up the body and burn the fats!!
wait and see how the result will be.
*exercise right away*

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