Friday, July 23, 2010

Good day on Thursday ;)

Yesterday, i went to Taylors College for an interview which is they currently need some one really good on chemistry, yeah really good.
Hahaha :P
And when they saw my transcript, they rolled their eyes because my result really was not that excellent, and i simply said, " Too much happy hours that time ;P " .
They all just laughed and truly understand that time i was so young and enjoyed my youth time.
Lolz :P
Although my transcript looks rubbish but they do like my knowledge and skills because i have too much to offered in future plan.
See, good results only a bonus compared to the knowledge and skills which is not everyone can have it.
*minta puji mode on*
Then, they gave me simple questions on chemistry to test whether i can answered it or not, but too bad i do not study chemistry a night before for an interview, the result, i still do have the concept of basic chemistry since that is the most important stuffs to know in chemistry, number of moles =.='
While i'm struggling answering the quiz, suddenly my phone rang. Ignored it.
Rang for the second time, I answered it since it is from Sunway Lagoon.
They told me i got an interview on this Saturday, 24th July for the post i applied before.
Omg! I'm so happy!
It is another interview to attend and i'm so lucky to get shortlisted since both are really well known and good company.
So, which job offered will i get?
We will know the result sooner ;P
Even myself can not make decision since both jobs have its own pros and cons.
I let God decide which one better for me because i have try my best for it. ;)
After done with the interview session in Taylors College, then i went to Jaya 33 in Petaling Jaya for MYCAT Outreach Program.

I love tigers so much ;)

The booth.
Paul, one of the volunteer.
He is trying to wore something,which is...

Tiger costume =.='

Nowadays serious problems to the tigers.

T-shirt for sale ;)

Others merchandise such as key chain,badges, car stickers, recycle tote bags and skin laptop.
I get myself recycle tote bag and key chain as my supports to the program.
For those interested to come the booth, do visit it in Jaya 33 which is be held until this Sunday, 25th July and in Amcorp Mall by next week starting thursday until Sunday.

Gotta go because i wanna prepared for my interview in Sunway Lagoon tomorrow.
Wish me lucks!

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