Friday, June 11, 2010


Remember my last post, i got invitation to Lady Gaga night at one of most prestigious club in Kuching?
Yeah, it so so so happening because there is something catchy happened during that night.
The pictures will tell so.
But not everyone dressed up as LadyGaga, lucky me didn't so.
Haha ;P
Omg! Where's the spirit to be Lady Gaga everyone???
Yeah, my other friends really want me to join their Ladies night at other club but i intended to watch the event.
Keep scroll down everyone ❀◕‿◕❀
Click for larger image!


Since it is still early, well it is 10pm actually, we went to open air market grabbed some drinks.

Then, they said still early :P, so we went to Kuching Waterfront, erm, they called esplanade?
I don't know.
Yeah, the new opening of waterfront.
So, we were become camera victims that night.

The blouse i wore is actually a dress but i gave it new look by tucked into my shorts to make its look like a blouse.
Pretty awesome huh?:P

See that pump shoes?
Not even till 1 hour i'm wore it, the shoes tore off.
The base of shoes ripped off from the upper part of shoes.
And it both sides.
Luckily, i brought my extra pair of wedges.

Camera loves us so much.
What more i can say?

The cutest babe i've ever met.

Okay, the night began now !
It is too good that we got the table exactly in front of the dance floor!
And we can watched clearly "the show".

Two pole dancers came in and there it is.
They steal everyone attentions especially the guys.

No, she not devil.
It is the lights in the club.

She just sat on our table and hell yeah, i can snapped closer pictures of her.
The pole just beside our table too.
Lucky us! :P

That guy is not a pole dancer.
He some kind of brave guy that daring enough to joined the pole dancer and he stripped off.
I knew every guys in the club felt so jealous with him because the pole dancers do "that things" to him.
Owh really want to know what it is?:P
One of the pole dancer took one the ice in randomly glass on the table,
then she simply rubbed off into the man's chest while she hold it with teeth.

They have nice bodyshape and smooth skins.
How i wish i am too.
Yeah, all of us girls couldn't keep staring on it.
Guys more worse because they fantasize something kinky in their minds.

The blonde hair lady there, we called her LadyGaga wannabe.
Really famous in the club area because of her outfit,
it is so "cheap".
Every weekend the same clothes.
I guess she hooker.

The wedges save me that night, and i can't imagine how will im gonna entered to the club with barefoot.

Then, we moved to other club.
I'm still in the mood to dance since in the club before, the DJ keep cut off the songs.
I really love all songs played in here but there's one thing i dislike.
Don't want to tell you.


Time to go back ;)
A few pictures before headed back home.

Thanks for the night friends!

Wait for my other entry on Miri vacation.
More than 200 pictures.

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