Monday, June 28, 2010

Good news for me,perhaps!

Actually, I've been invited to come to the audition in Penang for Models upcoming TV photoshoot, and the paid are really GOOD~
Omg! I really want go for it but, there is a but, tight budget!
At the same time, i got hired in kL too and i can start working anytime from now.
The salary also quite good and my job is?
Enjoy while money come in!
Okay, i will go,maybe in next week , then, try to go audition in Penang.
Who knows i'll might get the chance appear in TV show?
Owh ya did i told you that I'm waiting for the audition get cast in movie too?;P
Maybe i should stay in kL while get on call for the offers because i can save cost on airplane travel!

Me and Chrissy during the fashion show :x

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