Sunday, March 14, 2010

Made $$$ by make up :D

First, i need this 120 palette eyeshadow in my make up kit. *winks winks*
Since my make up kit are so limited, i will use what i have. Still, i can make money from it.
Owh yeah :D

I need to make up two peoples which they have to attend at the same time at the different place at the different theme.
Owh yikes!

1st theme : Masquerade night ( this is my second time doing the masquerade theme make up, previously on my senior housemate)

Might be doing the make up inspired by these two :

The RED eyeshadow ( + with the spiral design in the eye) is a must to match the necklace she borrowed from me :)

2nd theme : Formal, Glamorous night ( common theme usually people opt! )

I will choose the natural look make up which required all the bronze or gold or brown eyeshadow color that goes with a little bit of black eyeshadow smear creating the smokey eyes and a touch of black mascara! :)

All the time favorite make up is the Cat Eye Look!

Last but not least,

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