Wednesday, February 10, 2010

girls just love shoes :)

Uh-oh! The shoes supplier gave me a call last few nights and told she unable to send the shoes i've ordered before the CNY.
Oh NO!
I can't show off my new shoes :P

Dr.Marten boot.
I love the color so much :x
I really admire its design and the collection of Dr.Marten.
Since the original Dr.Marten so damn expensive ( as a student! ),
i got myself the imitation exactly same the Dr.Marten.

i love all the colors and wanted to get it all but one is enough since im only have a pair legs :P
Chose the Pink color because though it the boot itself look guy shoes but i wanted to look chick on it :)

And the other pair im ordered is some sort of heels.

The light pink so nice but there is no stock available so i took the white one.
It's okay as long the same design.
Now, im so obsessed with the Oxford heel and will order for it later.

Grey or maroon?
Which is one better?

But, grey is just so nice and know why?
Because now is Grey season!
Every girls should at least one grey items in their closet.

All the shoes can order directly to me and get it from my blogshop okeyh!


i heard someone said i just lose 5kgs!
The truth is i just lose 2.5kgs.
But i take it in a positive way because i know people will respect to me that im successfully managed to lose 5kg (literally!) better than get more excessive fats on the belly.
Owh yikes!

p/s : syg, how was my looks after you had left me?Getting more smaller right?
Haha.It's your fault keep feeding me while you still in here :P
I miss you.

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