Tuesday, November 3, 2009

New moon

Can't wait to see the New Moon movie on this November =)
Though, i'm not a kind of fanatic fan of Twilight, i will make sure that i will keep update with the latest movie and must-watch-it!
nanti jadi katak bawah tempurung malu la =P

No, i don't like the Edward Cullen character in here but i do love Jacob the werewolf guy! Auuuuww~~
Then, the New Moon is a must-watch-it movie where i can mouth-watering while watching the whole movie. Hihi~
Owh ya, Dakota Fanning another reason i want to watch this movie also xD


Actually, i didn't intend to blogging about the New Moon until i heard the Hitz.fm Morning Crew, DJ JJ and Ian. But for today show, Moot replace Ian cuz Ian at home watching the teletubbies??
Well, that's the advert said =P
They talks about the Moon or Luna things which is Shah Rukh Khan bought a piece of land moon and the question for today is "What will you do if you have a piece land of moon?

Here it is! The conversation between male caller and the DJ in answering the question ( Well, almost like this la) :

DJ JJ & Moot : Hey Bro! You wanna buy a piece land of moon or not?
Male caller : A piece land of moon?
DJ JJ & Moot : Yala! RM80 only for a piece land of moon for 1 hectare.
Male caller : If like that, i want buy 10 hectares la! *Laughing*
DJ JJ & Moot : What are you going to do if you have a piece land of moon?
Male caller : err...*silent for a while*
DJ JJ & Moot : Moonwalking la! Hahahahahaha~~~


And they still talking about the moon even called the Moon property something like that to confirm the matter about moon land can be sold.
I love listening to the morning show cuz it is seriously hilarious especially the Gotcha Call!

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Amalina E Azmi said...

moonwalking ya...hahaha lawak~

ow ya, abt the movie. im a twilight addict, bt the previous movie was so so jak. hope new moon will be b8r. n 1 of the reason (same as urs)--> it's dakota fanning :DDD

*gud luck babe, for the final*

criestz said...

yah i like hitz.fm morning crew too..
gotchaa !!

XXjenniferXX said...

@ criestz : jum gotcha kol!=P
@ amen : hahahahah..