Monday, October 12, 2009

i lost the bid!

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Last night, the bidding price is RM 51 and nearly to the end of time at 5pm, the price were RM300+.
I wouldn't bid that high price for a demo set!=P
It is better to get a new set,
what a waste la!

Fijifilm finepix z30

I love it cuz the PINK color only plus it is 10mp!
Walao weh. lubang idung pun leh nampak kalo zoom :P

the purple color also nice.
Remind me of my previous hP Sony k770i in purple color.

Nevermind, i got a better opt which is a Lomo camera.
At home, i still had Pentax Camera that used a film to capture pictures.
i only bought it for RM99 with my own money.
Is that call a lomo camera?

Actually i love the camera using film and the results after the film
"kena cuci di kedai gambar ya "
okay i don't know what is the right term for it.
Develop the film?
No idea at all.
Then the pictures you put in the album and feel the moment of that pictures.
You can do the scrap album for your pictures, cut and paste the pictures creatively.
That was back then before the digital camera era =)

Fyi, i only clearly know how to use the digital camera when the boyF lent his canon digicam for me ( in the middle of this year ).
If not, i guess until now i will know nothing about the digital camera.
Pathetic isn't it?

Somehow, a camera with a film would be a better for me.
Till then, i will let you all know whether i buy the lomo camera or not.

A message to the boyF : why don't you give the Lomo Camera for my present?=P
Murah jak bah ya.
xkan kedekut ngan bini sendirik.

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