Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hopping and hopping another blog

I love bloghopping other blog and read what they've wrote.
Some are really +ve entry and some are -ve issues.
We start with the +ve entry.
I enjoying these kind of blogs.
It reflects the owner are really positive minded person!
Aoww! I superb lurve with all your post. =)
I don't think i should defined how the positive blog is right?
Readers judge it all.

When you read their post, you suddenly felt emo, sensitive what they've written, such as sharp knife just stabbed into your chest.
Even worse is, they even don't care how other feelings.
Ya, Ya, i know that is your blog and you can blog whatever F*** it is!
And so do i!
Im angry now~~ *hidung kembang kempis tahan marah*
Naa, i wouldn't let my emo get carries away easily =)
Continued, i found this girl's blog, gosh, her post really really made me shocked disbelief by saying, in Christian,*quoted bible* they ate their own god?whatdafak! READ : WHATDAFAK
She means ate their own god, (Psalm 111-118), is when Jesus and his 12 disciples having their last supper together and then, Jesus lift up the drink and said drink this cup as of my blood body.......
She said Christian are w..(censored word) and only see her religion are the best and officially truth!
I wouldn't state what religion she is cuz it is really a sensitive issue here.
I believe all religion are good, excluding the wrong taught religion.

A msg to "the girl" : A good religious person NEVER EVER said bad things about other religions though it is two different beliefs.

And neither me too, a good religious person.
But im trying to serve He all the best i could.
Let God decide for everything.

Happy feet everyone! =)

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