Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Check out the mirror before went out.

Almost not took showered!Blame the boy F

Pasar Satok Kuching- Day & Night's view

Stuffs that can be found in Satok Ramadhan Bazaar.

Look at those cute cupcakes.
Too cute to eat.
It just a mini cupcakes but they sold really expensive :(
I wonder how they get profit by selling higher price.

After done strolling at the bazaar, we (me, the boyF and kak Sal) open fasting = berbuka puasa at SCR Xpress.
Somewhere near the Satok also but a few minutes walk to reach there.

I love the atmosphere in SCR Xpress.
A right place to relax, chill and enjoy your food, plus, all the food are really damn tasty,
rather than you go to other kedai makan.
Dah la bising, kotor gik.

Highly recommended to SCR Xpress!

Btw, SCR = Singapore Chicken Rice.

You all should try it or else you will regret it. =P

Their services express (dah namanya SCR Xpress. Duh!).

Two thumbs up!



Mary's momma flower .
An interesting story told about mom :)

On way back to the parking car, which is we have to jalan jauh, blamed the boyF for suggesting it!
(Actually it is not that far, it just im a luzy bum person =P)

Spotted the shop that sell a lot of flowers.
Attract me to see and had photoshoot!
Ignored the public.

A pretty girl with a beautiful+colorful flowers :)
ceh, ada gik puji dirik bah.

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